Be-Prepared BootCamp - Stage 2

This is a two-day Workshop designed to lead you through a full reconnaissance of business landscape, potential help and pitfalls, partners and method of infiltration or routes to market, as well as the legal aspects of international trade from basic contract, Intellectual Property, Insurance and payment methods.

What Does The Course Cover?

  • Legal aspects of international trade from a layman's perspective
  • Research into:
    • regulations
    • compliance issues
    • packaging
    • possible non-tariff barriers
  • trade tariffs and non-trade tariffs
  • regulatory alignment
  • how to look for the best partners
  • Know your customer (KYC)
  • Market research of your intended market

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Who Should Attend?

Business owners and senior management involved with planning international trade. This may include directors and senior management; procurement; finance; accounting; sales department; import department.

What's In It For Me?

  • All the market intelligence you need to take you to the next stage of the planning process
  • A template new market entry process specific to your business
  • Membership of the Institute of Leadership & Management
  • Use the post nominals for the Inst.LM.
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