Who is it for?

Who should be involved in this programme?

Directors and Senior Management

We are happy for just one director or an entire board to join our Export BootCamps however, it is imperative that these are decision makers and that they are prepared to work hard – it is an intensive two-day programme.


Often left off the list of roles that are impacted by new market entry the purchase of additional materials or support to help the business engage well internationally to establish cost/risk responsibilities and full understanding of delivery.


Finance that lies behind international trade, be it importing or exporting, needs to be factored into the equation at the very beginning of the process. Often international sales take 3 times longer than home market sales so this is the time to engage your finance team when you’re planning so cash flows can be monitored, and any foreign exchange risks mitigated early.


This will need more sophisticated documents and possibly software to support the production of the appropriate compliance and regulatory papers. It will need either an external resource or training internally.

Import Department

Will be able to provide correct instructions to a Customs broker based on the international trading terms agreed and any contracts that have been agreed.

Sales Department

Your Sales Department will become an international sales dept. and will be asked to provide quotations to customers which reflect a full range of issues from insurance to Incoterms®, packing to international marketing commitments these all need to be suitable for the type of sale and delivery of the goods.



£350 + VAT

1-day virtual workshops with access to interactive workbooks and 20% discounts on ICC publications.


Customs Clinics

first 30 mins free

A complete tailored support package, free of charge for the first 30 minutes.


from £750 + VAT

Bespoke consultancy (half days available) – you achieve so much more one-to-one.

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