Customs Clinics

Customs Clinics – because you don’t always know what you don’t know?

At last – a package of practical support designed to fill the gaps and help you find out what you don’t know in the new international trade practices.

Sign up for an initial package of support that:

  • will cover 1-2 hours of listening to your problems and an analysis of the main issues.
  • Formulate a plan of action for you and your team
  • Signpost further points of support
  • Assist in the implementation of the action plans
  • Training where needed.

If you employ up to 500 people, have a turnover below £100 million and are working with the EU, this package is fully supported by the HMRC /PWC SME Brexit Support Fund to a maximum of £2,000 and we’ll help you to access the funds paperwork.

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    We’ll send you a checklist of areas that are all interlinked to the main processes like VAT and Duty which will help you identify some areas that you need to clarify.

    Then we’ll set up an appointment for you to talk through the checklist and verify any issues that are concerns.

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    Formulate a Plan

    From the initial checklist and conversation, we can assess your priorities and what needs to be achieved and on what timescale.

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    International trade can be complex, and we can signpost you to experts. For example, VAT, valuations or originating criteria to claim zero rates may need specialist help if you work in specialist manufacturing or design.

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    Finally, we can roll up our sleeves and help you Implement the programme of activity offering mentoring and training to support you and your staff to weather this difficult period of transitioning to a world outside the EU.

Help with:

  • Free Trade Agreements/accessing zero tariffs
  • Incoterms(R) 2020 how to use them in contracts
  • Customs Classifications what are they/ where to find them
  • Rules of Origin - what constitutes originating
  • Brokerage issues, port inventory systems, GVMS, NCTS
  • International finance and value pricing
  • Supply chain planning/resourcing
  • Customs documentation import and exports
  • Legal aspects of International Trade, IP, Contracts



£350 + VAT

1-day virtual workshops with access to interactive workbooks and 20% discounts on ICC publications.


Customs Clinics

first 30 mins free

A complete tailored support package, free of charge for the first 30 minutes.


from £750 + VAT

Bespoke consultancy (half days available) – you achieve so much more one-to-one.

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